Zoom Classes Grade 10

A1. Real numbers
A2. Show a recurring numbers are rational numbers
A3. Rounding off
A4. Representing real numbers
A5. 1. Algebra - product of two binomials
A5. 2. Algebra - product of binomial and trinomial
A6. Factorising - highest common factor
A7. Factorising - highest common bracket
A8. Factorising - difference between two squares
A9. Factorising - trinomials
A10. Factorising - complicated trinomials
A11. Factorising - grouping
A12. Factorising - sum and difference between two cubes
A13. Simplifying algebraic fractions
A14.1 Exponents - Type 1
A14.2 Exponents - Type 2
A14.3 Exponential equations - Type 3
A14.4 Factorising exponential equations- Type 4

A16. Equations summaries
A16.1 Linear equations
A16.2 Linear equations with fractions
A16.3 Quadratic equations
A16.4 Simultaneous equations - elimination
A16.5 Simultaneous equations - substitution
A16.6 Literal equations
A16.7 Inequalities
A16.8 Wordsums
A17.1 Functions- straight lines
A17.2 Functions- parabolas
A17.3 Functions- hyperbolas
A17.4 Functions- exponential
A17.5 Interpreting functions
A18.1 Financial maths - hire-purchase
A18.2 Financial maths - compound interest
A18.3 Financial maths - exchange rates
A18.4 Financial maths - timelines

B1.1 Trigonometry - ratios
B1.2 Trigonometry - equations
B1.3 Trigonometry - special angles
B1.4 Trigonometry - elevation and depression angles
B1.5 Trigonometry - solving triangles
B1.6 Trigonometry - reciprocals of ratios
B1.7 Trigonometry - functions
B2. Properties of quadrilaterals
B3. Similarity
B4. Congruency
B5. Prove a parallelogram
B6. Solving and proving various quadrilaterals
B7. Polygons
B8. Midpoint theorem
B9 Analytical geometry
B9.1 Distance and midpoint formulas
B9.2 Collinear points
B9.3 Finding equations of a line

B10. Statistics - definitions
B10.1 Ungrouped data
B10.2 Grouped data
B10.3 Box and whisker diagrams
B10.4 Percentiles
B11. Surface area and volume summaries
B11.1 Squares and rectangles
B11.2 Triangular prisms
B11.3 Cylinders
B11.4 Pyramids
B11.5 Spheres
B11.6 Cones
B12.1 Probability - summaries and definitions
B12.2 Probability - venn diagrams
B12.3 Probability - tree diagrams
B12.4 Probability - playing cards

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